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Tim’s Place – Video

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 6.32.03 PM

Tim Harris, owner of Tim’s place in Northern Albuquerque has a unique approach to customer service: the decision to add hugs to a menu of hot meals.


Drop by Tim’s Place off Academy in Northern Albuquerque and you’ll be greeted with more than a friendly face… you’ll be welcomed with a warm hug from host and owner Tim Harris. Then again, Tim’s Place is no ordinary restaurant. And Tim is no ordinary host.

“I just love my job. My job is the hugs… they’re amazing. They touch everybody,” says Harris, 27.

From a very early age… Tim was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is disorder associated with weaker muscles, anxiety, and mental limitations… none of which has been able to stop him. He’s graduated from college, placed in the special olympics, and was even voted high school prom king.

“He’s very obviously filled with love and I think that’s what draws people in,” says Dan Harris, Tim’s brother and manager of the restaurant. “He doesn’t judge anybody.”

“I’m from Georgia, my sister’s from Cincinatti, Ohio.”

“Place called Yonkers right outside New York City.”

And the loving message behind the restaurant has attracted people from all over.

“We’ve had people come from very far to see Tim,” says Naomi Luna, a waitress at Tim’s place. Visitors have even come from as far as Africa.

Despite Tim’s ongoing struggle, his spirit is still contagious… and whether you order just one hug off the menu “…or five, Or twenty,” as he hopes, his story will stay with you long after you leave.

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