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Ghost haunts The Lodge in Cloudcroft – Video

The beautiful Rebecca with the fiery red hair and striking blue eyes lived in the early 1900’s spent her summers at the Lodge in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

Legend has it, her jealous lumberjack boyfriend caught her in the arms of another man and hacked her to pieces with his ax.

Marketing Assistant, Chrystal Watters says guests and lodge workers know all about Rebecca.

She says, ” The most common story is someone wakes up in the middle of the night and either gets very cold or they smell a really strong smell of perfume. They go back to sleep but when they get up in the morning there is a body indention in the bed next to them or in the other bed in the room.  She is friendly, she’s a lovely host. She takes care of us. She has never done anything malicious or ugly to any guest, probably the most extreme would be mischievous.”

There are stories of eerie encounters in guest rooms and glimpses of a scarlet beauty roaming the halls. Lodge Housekeeper Chantz Faulkner shares guest tales.

“The guy was sitting reading a book and the pipe shot out a stream of water with some pressure,” Faulkner said. “He came out white as a ghost because he thought Rebecca was attacking him.”

If you would like a chance to encounter Rebecca, the only place to do it is at the Lodge in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. For more information about Rebecca or to schedule a visit go to the Lodge’s website at

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