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Mayfield vs. LCHS football: Fan support at the “Chile Bowl” – Video

Cruces Mayfield

In the 49th annual Cruces versus Mayfield game about 25,000 fans showed up to cheer on their teams.

All you had to do was check out the colors of the fans to find out who they were rooting for. Fans from all across Las Cruces came out to support either Las Cruces High or Mayfield High. This game is one of the biggest rivalry game in the southwest and fans of all ages came out to support their teams.

Even players from past Bulldawg and Trojan teams came and to support their respective teams. This year was a closer battle than expected, and it showed with fan excitement. The Trojans ended up winning this game in an upset of the number one team in the state. For the first time this year Aggie Memorial was almost full.

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